Floating and Rising Card

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Performed under full lighting anywhere...
A member of the audience selects and memorizes a card which the magician then replaces among the other cards. He shuffles the deck and spreads the cards on the table. He covers the empty box with a silk that has been EXAMINED BY THE audience. The box floats under the silk. It moves up-down and forwards-backwards. The magician's hands remain completely still throughout!

The magician raises the corner of the silk so that the corner of the box is visible as it moves up and down. The box touches the cards spread out
on the table and then the previously selected card is seen to rise up out of it!!

The magician passes the card and the box to the audience to be examined as well. Everything can be examined! Any box of cards can float, and any card (even a signed one) can be made to rise up out of the box! No wires, no threads, and the trick can be performed under full lighting anywhere and at any time!

In addition to the color instructions, you get a silk and as the result of long experiment, a completely new gimmick
with which you can also make other items float!