In Flight

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A TOSSED Out Deck...
The TOSSED Out Deck has become of the most rapidly revisited commodities among magicians today. So, when David Regal releases his contribution, you know it's gotta be good!

Says Roger Klause:

“First a word of advice. Trust me when I suggest that all well seasoned 'workers' toss out your TOSSED-Out Decks! That’s right: get rid of them! Once you experience David’s In Flight, you will be in command of the most bewildering and diabolical feat of pure mentalism one could imagine. I can personally attest to the stunning impact this effect had on the very knowledgeable attendees at the 2004 4F convention."

Included with the ingenious deck and professional script, David has been granted permission to share a “wonderful subtlety” of Wayne Dobson’s. On a personal note: in the early days I became friends with the legendary David Hoy and witnessed his signature performance of this effect on many occasions. If possible, Mr. Hoy would be the first to give In Flight a standing ovation.