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This is Petrick’s brand new principle, never used before...

A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. A spectator cuts the cards several times. The cards are shuffled face up, and he audience asked to say stop. The bottom and top cards are shown and the spectator asked if either of these cards are theirs All the cards are placed face up on the beautifully decorated glass and evenly spread.

The cards are mixed on the glass. Hand is placed over the cards and he asks the spectator to concentrate on his card. The glass is lifted, tilted and all cards fall on the table except one, which is magically stuck to the glass. After asking the spectator the name of his card, the glass is slowly turned around and the spectator’s signed card revealed. The spectator removes the card and examines it.

This is Petrick’s brand new principle, never used before. There is no preparation of the cards or the glass.