Frozen Glow

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 FROZEN GLOW can be used with any card in the deck...
The performer borrows a deck of cards and asks the spectator to select any card they want from the deck (no force, this is a free choice). The performer doesn’t even have to touch the deck; the spectator can freely choose a card of their choice themselves.

The performer introduces a small square green Plexiglas lens (a light filter) and asks the spectator to examine it. The performer tells the spectator that he has the ability to actually freeze time, however for only
for a split second. He explains that some theorize if time stood still even for a moment that certain properties of light in the spectrum could be altered leaving an impression behind...forever!

The performer then begins to demonstrate his unique ability to harness the power of this phenomenon by using their freely chosen playing card and the un-gimmicked green Plexiglas lens.

The performer hands the spectator a marker or pen and asks the spectator to sign their name on both sides of the playing card so there will be absolutely
no mistaking their card for different one, and they will be able to recognize the card at all times as it remains in full view during the illusion. With the card signed on both sides it will be impossible for the performer to switch it out for a different card.

Once the card is signed the performer holds the card flat with either the face or the back facing up. He holds the green lens over top of their playing card and signature. Light will pass through the lens and
cast a green shadow or glow over top of their playing card and their signature. The lens can be moved around above the card showing the green glow moves with the lens.

The performer now asks the spectator to say stop at any time and the performer will attempt to freeze time, and if it works, the light will actually be captured onto their card. The performer moves the lens above the card in small motions showing the green glow is still moving with the lens, but never lets the lens touch the card.

The spectator yells
“Stop!” and the lens is pulled away, but the green glow is left behind on part of the card and OVER TOP of their signature. The card can then be handed out for examination and left for the spectator to keep!

· FROZEN GLOW can be used with any card in the deck.

· FROZEN GLOW can be used with any brand or deck of cards.

· The cards can be borrowed.

· FROZEN GLOW can be instantly repeated.

· There is no card force, it is a free choice.

· There is no switch of any kind.

· FROZEN GLOW is easy to do and requires no sleight of hand.

· The performer's hands are shown empty at all times.

· The card can be examined before and after the effect.

· The Lens is fully examinable and never touches the card.

· FROZEN GLOW can even be done with business cards.

· Capture the light on either the face or the back of any playing card and over top of their signature.

· The light can be captured in any position on the card.

· FROZEN GLOW will be an unforgettable souvenir for your spectator.

FROZEN GLOW comes to you complete with instructions and routines.