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Anomaly ist ein vielseitiges Gimmick mit mehreren starken Routinen!

Transponieren Sie mit Leichtigkeit ein As und vier Könige in die Hände Ihres Zuschauers und END CLEAN (kein Palmieren). Devious Gaff / Gimmick, die Zuschauer sind nur wenige Zentimeter entfernt!

Handling für Anfänger bis Profi geeignet!.

Sie erhalten 2 Sätze und Gimmicks und alle Spezialkarten mit roten und blauen Bicycle-Rückenmuster! Fügen Sie Ihre regulären Spielkarten hinzu!

Mit englischer Beschreibung und Link zu englischer Online-Videoanleitung (90 min.)!

5 Routines:

One for Four: One Ace and four kings transpose right in your spectator’s hands!
No King Left: Aces and kings change places and a kicker where the kings turn blank in your spectator’s hands!
Chosen: A chosen card is revealed using the kings which morph into aces, then one ace into the selection!
Signed: The kings morph into aces, then one ace transposes with a signed card leaving the last ace where the signed card was in full view. Great follow up to an Ambitious Card routine!
Twist: Vernon’s classic „Twisting The Aces“ with simple moves and kicker finale where kings turn into aces!

Bonus: Radical Aces, using Anomaly with the „Radical Change“ to morph two cards at once.

„You have a winner. It is simple and very clean. I like it very much. The audience reactions say it all.“
– Kevin James

„Anomaly is a versatile gimmick with multiple, strong routines. Every card magician should add this to their toolbox.“
– Dan Harlan

„Michael fooled me with this.“
– Meir Yedid

„Anomaly is an incredible card transposition for the real world. It’s one thing to have two cards transpose, but Michael ups the ante with a Four for One transposition. Four Kings change places with a single Ace under stringent conditions. Not only that, but you get four additional routines using the same gaffs. Everything provided is top quality and the 90 minute instructional video is terrific. If you add one new card trick to your working repertoire this year, you can’t go wrong with Anomaly!“
– Marc DeSouza